Christmas at Nyhavn, Copenhagen


The charming old harbor of Copenhagen- crowded streets and backdrop of colored 15th century buildings- is glittering and dazzling with the beautiful decorations this Christmas.

Just across the street is the historic building of Hotel D’Angleterre, which will treat your eyes with magnificent display of Christmas decorations.

The streets are filled with eateries, and stalls offering cozy winter collections, handicrafts, jewelry and Christmas lights and decorations.  And you can of course find ‘aebleskiver’ and ‘glogg’ at every other stall.

You can treat yourself with Street Food at the ‘Papir Island’ or Papiron as they call it, which is a home to delicious street food from all across the world. You will find there every cuisine at a cheap price- Korean & Chinese noddles, Mexican burrito, Italian pastas and pizza, Lebanese hummus and falafel, Indian samosa and curries, American burgers, and Danish Open Sandwiches. And for all the sweet lovers, you cant leave the place without cherishing the mouthwatering Vanilla Creme Brulee.

A perfect combo of marvelous Danish architecture with breathtaking natural beauty, Nyhavn in a must visit if you are in Copenhagen. Rent a bike, or walk through the place, shop at the glittering street filled with tourists, relax and feel the cold breeze at the waterfront besides the fireplaces while sipping into the hot drinks!  Merry Christmas!!

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