Norway- A Beauty beyond words

Norway– Undoubtedly the most beautiful place in the world. Vast landscapes, charismatic views, purest air, and chilling weather- a perfect blend of all the best things you can enjoy sitting in the balcony of your house, with a book and a cup of Hot Chocolate 🙂

I joined my husband at Oslo after almost 8 months of staying away, and the reunion could not have been in a more romantic place than this. As I walked outside the airport, for once, I couldn’t decide whether to keep on looking at my hubby whom I was meeting after months, or keep looking at the breathtaking views 😛

My husband always complains that I keep on chitchatting and bubbling around during travels, and never sit silently peacefully enjoying the place. This time it was different, the one hour journey from Oslo station to my house at RØa was the most silent journey of my life! The beauty of the place left me completely speechless! I have never stayed amidst the mountains and this was a dream come true!

I began my stay in the month of April, and could find some snow in the city. The trees were all dried, leafless, the days were cold and nights were freezing! And soon as we entered the month of May, the place turned completely different- too lively, blooming with fresh green leaves and bright tulips and roses, beautiful houses with lush green gardens, and most importantly cheerful people finally enjoying the sunlight.

Seeing the sun shining bright at 12 am, sleeping seemed too difficult, and finally when we could manage to sleep for a couple of hours, the sun rays would again peep in through curtains around 3 or 4am. But, I never woke up tired- the beautiful Night sky outside, with the Midnight sun playing hide-n-seek would always kept me fresh and mesmerized.

Complimenting the wilderness of the natural beauty, the vibrant city life reflects the Scandinavian flair in architecture, culture, fashion and food. The place is very expensive, but definitely worth the spend.

The people here are very friendly, easy going. Once you build a rapport, they are fun to be with.  Amazingly energetic and fit, and always ready to play, walk, bike and hike! Very disciplined, always on time, and they know how to maintain a work life balance. I, who was never quite into walking or exercise, could now easily walk kilometers around the city, climb hills, and still not get tired. Belonging to a place where people work overtime till late night to get more pay, it was so wonderfully surprising to see people sitting in garden in afternoon outside office just to enjoy sunlight and fresh air. I loved watching my neighbors having barbecue lunches with friends and family, small kids playing in garden, men busy mowing lawns and whitewashing houses.

My words fail me when I describe my experience in Norway. I will try to give justice to the beauty of the place with my thoughts and photographs, and keep on sharing glimpses of the capital, Oslo, as well as the best train journey of the wold -Norway in a Nutshell.

Stay with me in this Norwegian Journey that can be best summarized in one word- Nirvana!




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