Mesmerizing Møns Klint, Denmark



It’s the beginning of summers in Denmark and time to explore the place. My recent visit was to the highest cliffs in Denmark – Møns Klint – Denmark’s newest addition to UNESCO world heritage is located in Southern Zealand, having mesmerizing white cliffs touching the blue waters of the Baltic Sea. The coastline is a stretch of 6 km alongside the cliffs made of white chalk.

Tip 1: Visit the cliffs in spring/summer when the days are longer and warmer, so that you can enjoy the magnificence of the place for a longer time.

In my opinion, the most convenient way to travel from Copenhagen to Møns Klint is by car. The journey from Copenhagen to Møns Klint is around 125 km and takes roughly 1.5 hours considering the roads are pretty good. The other way can be by public transport (takes 3 hours), starting by train from Copenhagen central station to Vordingborg, followed by bus 660R to Stege, and further to the cliff by bus 678. And of course if you love to bike, cycles can be rented at Stege and it’s beautiful but steep ride to the cliff.

Luckily we had an invite from one of friends to share her car. We stopped to click the pictures of the dramatic scenery – lovely small villages, lush green farms, old churches and lakes- keeping you refreshed and captivated the whole journey. Tip 2: Leave early morning from Copenhagen, and you can take a brunch break at Stege. I would definitely recommend David’s cafe; apart from super yummy burgers, it has a finger-licking classic vegetarian brunch on it’s menu for all no-meat-eaters out here.

At Møns, you can start by a visit to the Geo Center, where you can learn about the formation of cliffs, fossils and hiking trails. Near to the museum starts the wooden staircase, from top of the cliff to the beach, around 500 stairs. Tip 3: wear comfortable hiking shoes, and light warm clothes to walk around the forest trails, steep stairs and pebbles on the beach.

The place is definitely a must-go for fossil hunters and geologists who will have a lot to explore. But it is equally enthralling for people who just want to enjoy a walk or sit beside the sea and experience the beauty of the nature. I loved the peaceful combination of white and blue backdrop with cool breeze gushing through my hair, and felt like diving into my thoughts for hours staring at the horizon.

At sunset around 5pm it started getting colder and we decided to climb up the 500 stairs. There is a cozy cafe at the top where I re-relished the scene from top of the cliff with hot coffee and chocolates. Tip 4:  The staff starts clearing the Cafe kitchen around 5, so order before that if you want to grab something to eat. They do serve coffee and hot chocolate till 6 pm.

It is a fun day trip from Copenhagen, but if you want, there are places to camp and stay near the cliff. The place is getting famous as Dark Sky Mon, with facility to camp with comfortable outdoor lighting. I couldn’t experience it this time, but maybe next time I would extend this day trip to enjoy the starry sky and the camp 🙂 Till then you enjoy the photographs and I will relive the memories etched forever.



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