Sri Lankan Diaries!! The Colonial Town- Nuwara Eliya!


Time to leave for the next destination in Sri Lanka- Nuwara Eliya. The coolest area in Sri lanka, famous for its picturesque views and temperate climate.

The Journey from Bentota to Nuwara Eliya is 200 km, and if you search on Google it says approx 5 hours. Trust me, its not! The journey is beautiful, but the roads are not at all good. The whole drive is through the hilly narrow roads. The valleys are too deep, and you need to be a really used to such steep turns to drive fast. Tip 1: Drive slow, drive safe 🙂 and enjoy the views throughout, you will get your best spots for pictures en-route!

As earlier, we kept halting at the way for tea-coffee and nature breaks. And enjoying the breath-taking views throughout the journey.  Tip 2: Take halts in between, the washrooms are decently clean even at small bakeries.  Else the only option is in the dense trees or between the open car gates 😛

The last part of the journey was a little terrifying. It was dark in evening, between the deadly mountains. We were running on reserve fuel, not to find any petrol pumps nearby. The roads were not getting any better, with lot of ongoing road construction, and our destination seemed beyond reach. Finally we reached Nuwara Eliya at 9pm to realize that the town shuts down quite early. We had to roam around for sometime before we could fill our empty and roaring stomachs. Tip 3: Start a little early from Bentota, considering 7-8 hours travel. And keep check on your fuel.

It was too dark and we were too tired to see how the town looks like. We booked a service apartment, which was very comfortable, and much luxurious than our expectations.

The early morning was the most beautiful and peaceful part of the whole vacation. We were awestruck with the view that our balconies offered. The weather was chilling and hot showers, room heaters and hot coffee came to our rescue. And we searched our Maggi noodles here as well when we were super tired in evening! 😛

Nuwara Eliya also called the Little England, is a cute little British county retreat, most of the buildings retaining there colonial look. The city is the base for Horton’s Plains national Park, famous for it ‘World’s end’.  The “Little England’ is covered in terrace farming and tea bushes on steeper slopes.

In my next post, I will take you on a equally beautiful journey to Dambulla. And I also have one hidden gem during this journey, one of the most unique experiences in itself. Till then enjoy the read, and enjoy the pictures, and share your experiences! See you soon! 🙂

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  1. Avnish says:

    Lovely memories of the trip unravelled through the post.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Anushree says:

    Thank you.. 🙂 yes ..all the memories flashed in my mind too … best trip ever 😉


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