Chor bazaar- Mumbai Diaries!

And after planning for long, we finally decided to go to the busiest and noisiest market of the Mumbai city- Chor bazaar! Famous for the grand collection of antiques, the market lies in narrowest streets of south Mumbai. Tip 1: Do not plan to take car into the streets, park it on highway or Pay-n-park nearby and walk through the streets flooded with hawkers and road side food.

For all the meat lovers, the place is a heaven, and true to its name- Mutton street. Tip 2: Since the market lies in a conservative area, dress decently to avoid awkward experiences.

Its an old market running since India’s pre-independence. Originally called “Shor bazaar”, Englishmen wrongly started pronouncing it as “Chor bazaar”, meaning “Thieves market”. And true to its name, the area does gives a feeling like being in a flea paradise.

Tip 3: I was too overwhelmed looking at the overcrowded street and crumbling buildings, and although my experience was great, BE vigilant of pickpockets.

The market offers a great collection of vintages/ antiques, old coins, stamps, brass and copper utensils, vintage style station clocks, nautical/marine collections, decorative and furniture inspired by the Mughal times, historical documents and maps neatly restored, ceramics, and amazing collection of Bollywood posters and memorabilia .

Tip 4: Try visiting early morning so that you can get stuff at first sell price (Indian “boni” time). It is open all days except Friday.

Every little shop you cross is a paradise for lost treasure. But, beware it may even just be a junkyard. One needs to have an eye for tapping the original stuff and a tact for bargaining.

One visit to the shops is not at all enough, in fact, you will get something new to discover every time you go.

Enjoy the glimpse of this colorful bazaar through my clicks, and do not forget to share your experiences! 🙂 Still a lot to discover in this Treasure Trove.

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