Its Asian!!

I am writing today in a new house, a new city, watching the rains from the glass door and sipping hot coffee, with lots of memories from the visit to USA, and of course missing India every moment!

Its been four days here. The life has totally changed from USA to Singapore– From barbecue/ pool parties to family getaways. From Walmart & H-E-B to 7/11 shops. In USA, owning a car was a necessity; buying an EZ-link card and an Umbrella is the first thing to do in Singapore. McD, KFC, Starbucks have been replaced by streets full of hawkers selling noodles and cold tea in plastic carry bags! My big & fully equipped house in Texas has been now reduced to a compact space utilized apartment with less of appliances Crying face It gives me a nostalgic feel of living in the crowded expensive city of Mumbai in India.

Singapore is full of vibrant houses & shops. It’s every shopaholic’s dream come true with shops ranging from high end brands to winding maze of street shops. A fast paced life can be experienced with the crowds at MRT stations and Bus stops. A perfect place for foodies, with hawkers at every nook & corner selling wide range of cuisines. The city offers a glimpse of different cultures as one moves from Chinatown to Little India to Arab Street. The engineering & architectural marvels are clearly visible starting from the airport to the city’s best attraction like Marina Bay, Harbourfront or Sentosa.

It has been an exciting start in this new destination! Adding to my delight, my husband surprised me with a new DSLR Nikon D90 Smile as this was the best opportunity to capture the changes in my life through the new lens. I am posting my first hand experience with my new camera, and the first glimpse of Singapore! I have a lot more to discover and experience in this World Around Me!

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  1. Megha says:

    your writing skills have really improved… and more than that, you’ve made some great use of your DSLR… nice photographs! used which software/app for editing?


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