The American Dream— Wake Up Call !!!

The feeling has struck the chords of my heart again. The feeling of getting separated, the feeling of losing something, going far far away from my comfort zone. We were still trying to live the “American way” and I never realized USA trip is already over. The time has come to move to the next destination, Singapore.

Exactly 6 months back, the same anxiety lingered in my mind, when I was travelling to USA for the first time. New place, new people, new culture, new interests. No friends, just strangers. And we started this journey as a challenge to adjust in a totally different country. And I used to cry missing my friends and family back in India.

And here I am today, feeling anxious to be in Singapore. But also feeling sad, as I have not only adjusted well but have started feeling comfortable in this small lived temporary lifestyle. This house which seemed like a guesthouse, now feels like my home. The appliances I hesitated to use, are now a part of my easy life. Gym, pool and walking trails which I never thought of going are now a routine for me. Target & Walmart stores, which I entered for the first time few months back, now seem like I have always been shopping here. My crazy search for best vegetarian food options has now made Mexican food one of my favorite cuisines. Along with being a Bollywood movie buff , I have started enjoying English songs and movies. We went crazy deciding the directions and lanes with the left hand car driving, but now it seems perfectly okay.  And the best thing this cosmopolitan America gave me was knowing lots of people from different countries, be it Norway, Canada, Poland, Iran, Nepal, and so many, and it was a wonderful time spent. And I would say America welcomed us wholeheartedly!

I guess this is a normal human nature, to realize the value of something when its gone. I used to miss my India for the whole time I stayed here, and now when it’s time to move out, I am already sad for my trip has ended. I hope Singapore will give us many more moments to enjoy and cherish. This small trip of America has given us both happiness and struggle. But it has also given us a new way to look at life. I don’t know if I will ever come back, but like millions of people who want to live the “American dream”, I too have lived a small American chapter of my life, that will never be forgotten.

See you soon from the Other End of the World! Bye Bye America!!

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  1. Tanya says:

    Wow! I never realised till now how much u grew as a blogger.
    This post really puts through your emotions.
    Keep up d good work nd now inculcate ur new gift in the posts 😉


    1. Thanx Tanya for reading and connecting through my blog 🙂 and yes the new gift will be very soon displayed in my blog 😉


  2. Subodh says:

    So u have enjoied it throughly . It was nice reading ur blog. Cherish the memories. U will love singapore also.


    1. Thank you Subodh sir for reading my blog.


    2. Thanks. Yes it has been a wonderful experience in USA. All geared up for Singapore 🙂


  3. Life’s fun with much to learn and experience.. As you cherish the opportunity to travel and adapt to different ways of life, I am sure you’ll enjoy your trip to Singapore too.. have a happy and safe journey 🙂 bye bye.. this pseudo-American will miss you too 😉


    1. Thanks 🙂 Will miss u too 😉


  4. Ankit says:

    Superb Anushree, your thoughts your words and your photos really depict how talented artist you are !! i really liked ur pictures though kudos to N90 but not taking the credit from you to click the right space and right time 🙂 superb work really appreciate!!


    1. Thanks Ankit for your lovely comments 🙂 My Thoughts, words and Photography all are on the bottom of learning curve .. I have a lot to learn and share 🙂 Hope to see you around on my blog. Take care.


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