My Life.. Bollywood Style!!

Few days back, at the dinner table, my husband asked me a very general question he came across an exam. Is there any song that you have lived? A song which you can closely relate to? It was such a random question that I had to think a lot before I could reply, and I vaguely named one or two songs which are on my favorite playlist.

Since then, this question has been lingering in my mind. And somehow I realize that probably there are so many songs that I have picturized myself into. Where I could relate to 99% of the lyrics, the music & beats are just correct for my mood, and it is full of my emotions that I want the world to listen to.

As an Indian, I have grown up watching Bollywood movies and  I had moments in my life when I felt I am living the movie. Where I am the lead actress and the movie revolves around my life, my achievements, my sorrows, my happiness and the world enjoys, sympathize & relate with me through some background songs.

When I was passing school, there was a song by Shankar Mahadevan- “Aasmaan k par shayad aur koi aasman hoga… “ and my school life seemed so similar. While leaving college friends, songs like “Purani jeans aur guitar, Mohalle ki wo chhat, aur mere yar” & “yaaro dosti badi hi haseen hai” were playing back of my mind. When I first left my parents to stay in a hostel & an independent life away from my loved ones, it was “Tanha dil..tanha safar..” When I was receiving the gold medal on stage I wanted to sing “Lakshya ko..har haal me paana hai”. Smile with tongue out

When I fell in love…ohh I cant even pen down how many romantic numbers portrayed my life..“Nothing’s gonna change my love for you”..”My dil goes..zooooom”  .. I had more than 1000 songs in my playlist and every song felt as if it was written for me. I even imagined my wedding proposal with “ kya dogi mere haatho me bolo tum apna haath” ❤

Every fight reminded me of “ Bhool ja jo hua usse..bhool ja” & “ I become so numb” .. and literally used to shed tears listening to “Rooth k humse kabhi..jab chale jaoge tum” Sad smile

Fun time with friends always had ” Dil chahta hai..kabhi na beete chamkeele din”

My wedding came with songs like “Mehnadi lagaungi main sajna k naam ki” .. “Tenu leke main jaawanga” and emotional songs like “ Ye betiyaa to baabul ki raaniya hai”.

Even this trip outside India sang “Baadal pe paanv hai ya choota gaanv hai… ab to bhai chal padi apni ye naav hai”.

A happily ever after feeling comes with “ khile khile chehro se aaj ghar hai mera…gule gulzaar..kya kehna “ !! Smile

And for every emotion..every moment in my daily life I can sing a song. Sometimes going deep into the plot, I also relate the hero & villian of my movie life Open-mouthed smile . I never realized I was a living an Indian Bollywood movie..a totally filmy way.. dancing & singing around trees, and changing costumes with every scene !!

For me music is expression of my emotions. I guess everyone has lived a song at some point in their lives, really lost into its emotions, as if it was composed and sung only for you. So which song are you living today??

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  1. chinmayee says:

    wowwwww…. lovely……felt I was just hearing your voice in my ears… really amazing… waiting for you to come back soon lady!!!!! lovely


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