Independence Day Celebration!

Freedom over Texas, Houston’s independence day celebrations was all about patriotism, family and fun. It included all American kids zone, art works, food vendors, live musical entertainment from the stage, and a spectacular fireworks show to end the evening.

The artistic sand sculpture showcased the tragedies & losses to the nation as well as acted as an inspiration for a better America. It was a tribute to those who lost life in tragedies this year.

There was a spectacular Acrodunk performance. The group started their career with an appearance on the television show America’s Got Talent. They performs shows during NBA basketball games and travel to do shows around the country. They got the entire audience engaged and excited by their amazing performances.

And not to forget the energetic live performances all day by Sheryl Crow and Martina McBride which kept the crowd tapping their feet and banging their heads.

The lovely memorable day ended with a splendid fireworks show. Those 30 minutes of fireworks took us to a wonderland, and left our eyes twinkling , heart pounding and lips smiling! Smile

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