Those two hours without electricity!

Yesterday was a little unusual day for us since our stay in USA. It was 6 o clock in the evening, time for my husband to come home from work. I was cooking, and simultaneously watching movie on internet. Suddenly the video stopped and I thought as usual there was some problem with the WiFi. Then I realized that there was power failure. At first it didn’t really affect me, power cuts are so usual in India that we are used to it.

However it was a big event here. I heard a lot of car horns and people voices outside my house. My neighbors in the township were stuck with their cars, as the main entrance gate operates through electricity. My apartment is just next to the main gate, and for the first time I could see so many people around my house talking, discussing, waiting for electricity, and trying to open the gates manually. Just like life had paused in my neighborhood, I noticed everything in my house had also stopped working, as if  our whole life was running on electricity. The vegetables and rice were half cooked, as induction cooktop, microwave, oven, toaster, coffee maker all had stopped working. I couldn’t use the dishwasher, my washing machine had stopped, there was no internet, TV or radio for entertainment. I thought I should probably order pizza for home delivery, but, alas, my land-line phone also runs on electricity. I went so crazy that I could not even check what time it is was as all clocks in my house had stopped working!!

(Okay!! this is overacting, I could have checked time on wrist watch as well Winking smile ). But the point is, that in trying to have an easy and comfortable living, we have made our life so much dependent on technology that sometimes we feel helpless even in such small stupid problems. Life has been made simpler by technology, but the true meaning of life has been blocked by it. We get this false sense of connection when we go onto social networking sites, where we have thousands of friends. But, we are short of words & emotions when we interact face to face.

That closed gate appeared to me like an opportunity to leave all the tensions & worries, to skip the busy schedule for a while, to sit & relax besides the pool, or to walk or exercise, or to simply have a casual chitchat with new people around. And later walk to the nearest restaurant to have a lovely dinner. However these closed gates made everyone so claustrophobic. We are so tuned to the fast paced life that we are not able to appreciate these short leisure moments. Moments, that I used to long for as a kid, where I could sit & enjoy with my friends and family.

As I was deep into these thoughts of realization, I started to hear the talk show on TV, the loud sounds of the dryer,  and could see all houses doors closed with A/Cs on. All the cars were rushing in & out, and the main gate was again opened for us to move back to our fast paced busy lives!

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  1. i liked the ducks picture and it attracted me i am an animal lover basically and then when i read the blog it was as i am reading about me as i dont like long blogs it gets boring for me but you said in it like we dependent on it i tell my parents wifi is oxygen for me laughing when power shuts down we are so bored but then we come out see the nature beauty do some thing that kids in the past would do play outside 🙂

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    1. Anushree says:

      I am glad you could relate to this..n as u rightly said.. we complain that we don’t have time, but when we have time we spend it in all meaningless activities. We fail to see small pleasures of life.


      1. the question is when the crush is around do you do things that you will never do ?


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