Houston Pride Festival & Parade, 2013

The LGBT pride symbolizes the positive outlook against discrimination towards LGBT people to promote their dignity, equal rights and community building.

“Pride Unleashed” was this year’s official theme. More than 400,000 people turned out in Montrose for Houston’s 35th Annual Pride Festival and Parade on Saturday, June 29th, 2013. This year they had more to celebrate because of the fresh decision from U.S. Supreme Court allowing equal rights to same-sex marriages.

Food trucks, colorful shops and tents were lined up on Westheimer Road from noon. Even with the scorching heat and temperature crossing 100 degrees, I could see, there was no compromise on the fun and excitement, with live band & people dancing in colorful rainbow costumes.

However, equally energetic were the protesters across the road with signboards in their hands and shouting loud in the name of God , and stood there all day trying to convey their opinions & views.

With the setting sun and still a very little relief from the heat, the Parade began. The mayor of Houston making the first entry, and followed by teams from public services organizations, community churches, bikers, NASA, brands like bud lite & chipotle, cheer leaders, and many more for around two hours.

My husband & I were amazed with this first ever experience of LGBT community, and that too at such a grand scale. We were certainly awestruck. Not to lie, on some occasions we were also a little uncomfortable with the show, as until few months back, in India, we never really gave a thought to LGBT community, as these are issues not to be discussed in public, rather hidden inside the closet. Rather I would say, few things we are totally unaware of.

Although I have a little knowledge on this subject,  I wish equal rights to the community. I hope there is no discrimination, so that every individual has the freedom to be with the person of their choice. I believe God will not have any problem against this fight for justice. The attached photographs will give you a small glimpse of the Houston’s one of the biggest and most colorful event, a truly different experience in this new World- Around me!

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