Scuba Diving


I am scared of this sport. Going deep inside the water, the thought itself makes me claustrophobic. This is the reason I am still struggling to swim in a 4 feet pool (fyi: I am 5’6″ and there is no possibility that I will drown, still….). My fear overpowers my anxiousness to find out about “the World inside Water”. Luckily my husband is fond of this sport. Frankly he was also scared of diving, but his anxiousness was hell too strong! After thinking, planning & rethinking for almost an year, he has successfully completed his first open water diving and now is a certified diver.

After his first dive his words were ” My god… I was helpless… I felt as if my heart stopped beating… I was not able to see any one…was all alone .. and felt that I should immediately quit and go home” !! However, he kept aside his thought of quitting and went ahead with few more dives and then he was like the second happiest person on this earth. Of course I was the happiest person on this earth while I watched him returning back to the shore 🙂 And soon he was making plans for next diving weekends.

For me, watching him go in the water was difficult, and I tried to distract myself by clicking pictures. Attached few pictures of the diving location “Blue Lagoon” at Huntsville, Texas;  and the enthusiast divers. Hope you will like the pics, and also might encourage you to go for dive 😉

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Tanya says:

    Awwwe! Lovely description of ur backstory for the pics!
    Lovely clicks! I feel like doing it too! 😀


    1. Thanks Tanya. I am happy my pics encouraged you 🙂


  2. Nice clicks, its very easy to revisit the lake through your pics.


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